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Eikon APIs

Thomson Reuters Eikon includes a collection of APIs providing various data retrieval capabilities, criteria search, symbology conversion and a financial calculations library. These APIs may be utilized in a variety of development environments including Microsoft Visual Studio, Matlab, R, Microsoft Office VBA.

App Studio

Refinitiv’s App Studio enables you to build financial applications (apps) that are integrated and distributed through the Refinitiv Eikon platform. Available in Eikon, the App Studio consists of UI libraries, data and integration APIs to build your app.

DataScope Select (DSS)

DataScope Select (DSS) is an internet hosted platform, with request-retrieve REST and SOAP APIs that offer unparalleled access to global pricing, validated terms and conditions, historical data content, corporate actions, cross-reference data and entity data.

Refinitiv Data Platform

Refinitiv Data Platform (previously named Elektron Data Platform) is your next-generation platform for accessing the broadest data, deepest insight, latest technologies and unrivalled expertise, using one single product and one easy to use API set.


The Elektron API Family is a suite of modern and open APIs that aim to simplify development through a strong focus on ease of use and standardised access to a broad set of Refinitiv and proprietary content and services.  The capabilities range from low latency/high performance APIs right through to simple streaming Web APIs.

Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform

Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP) is one of the industry’s most powerful platforms, offering you access to robust content and the ability to publish your content and integrate all data to optimize distribution across your enterprise.