Deals - Mergers & Acquisitions and New Issues


Thomson Reuters Deals covers the following transactions types: Merger & Acquisition, Repurchase/Buyback, Joint Venture/Strategic Alliance, Takeover Defense, Proxy Fight, Poison Pill, Debt New Issue, Equity New Issue, Private Placement, Syndicated Loan, or Project Finance event. Deals are sourced through direct submissions by global banking and legal contributors coupled with extensive research performed by global content team of research analysts across a broad range of sources, which include regulatory filings, corporate statements, media and pricing wires which provide details for a transaction.

Features and Benefits

A comprehensive deals database - Conduct global deal analytics and market volume analysis against well over 2.5m transactions announced in 225 nations since the 1970s.

Analyze business trends - Stay current on deal trends and new structures using thousands of granular Deals data points

Asset class specific across transaction types - With coverage across M&A, equity, debt, syndicated loans, municipals, project finance, joint ventures and debt restructuring, Thomson Reuters provides comprehensive, one-stop insight into the global deal-making community.

One stop shop - Thomson Reuters offers Deals products meeting all needs in the deal-making workflow, including business strategy and resource planning, aggregate trend-spotting, news, league table rankings, company information and granular deal-level analysis.

Combined insights - Deals information with other globally consistent reference data content offered by Thomson Reuters – including Research, News, Filings, Fundamentals & Estimates, Ownership, Private Equity, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, and Officers & Directors, among many others.

Additional Content Info

Merger and Acquisition

Merger and acquisition refers to the transaction where two companies become one, either in a merger where they typically integrate their operations, management teams, equity and debt, financials among other areas, or in an acquisition where one company buys another. M&A content includes mergers, acquisitions, stake purchases, asset sales and divestitures, rumored and seeking buyer transactions, leveraged buyouts, tender offers, privatizations, spin-offs, repurchases, self-tenders, debt restructurings and bankruptcy liquidations. 775,000 M&A transactions (excluding repurchases) are part of our global coverage.


Buybacks is the process where a public company is buying its own stock, to reduce the supplies of its own shares in the market, or to prevent a potential hostile takeover. There are over 36,000+ global repurchase transactions included in our M&A database. 17,500+ detailed US repurchase program authorizations, regularly updated in granular detail are available through SDC Platinum's Repurchase database.

Takeover Defense

Takeover Defense usually refers to the change in the controlling interest of a corporation, either via a hostile, unfriendly bid or via a friendly acquisition. Thomson Reuters covers comprehensive takeover defense profiles of 4,000 US companies and 3,000 non-US companies, featuring detailed views of the structures put in place by public companies to defend against hostile takeovers and dissident shareholder activity. The coverage has been enhanced by adding selected defensive provisions since 2006 (covering the component companies of the MSCI World Index), plus poison pill adoptions, amendments, redemptions and cancellations since the late 1980s.

Proxy fights & Poison Pills

Proxy fights (or Shareholder Activism) is an efforts by shareholders of a publicly traded company to gain partial or full control of the company by making a formal proposal to be voted on at the meeting of the company’s shareholders and then actively soliciting commitments from other shareholders to vote in favor of the proposal.

Poison pills are used by corporations as a strategy to discourage hostile takeovers, where the target corporation makes its stocks less attractive to the acquirer. Poison pills are divided into two types: (1) a flip-in which allows existing shareholder – excluding the acquirer – to buy more shares at a discount, and (2) a flip-over which lets shareholders buy the acquirer’s shares at a discount after the merger.

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances are agreements where two or more entities have combined resources to form a new, mutually advantageous business arrangement to achieve predetermined objectives. Our databases cover all types of alliances, including Joint ventures, Strategic alliances, Research and Development agreements, Sales and marketing agreements, Manufacturing agreements, Supply agreements, Licensing and distribution pacts. Over 200 data elements which includes Participant profile, Joint Venture name, Terms and conditions, Current status, Capitalization where disclosed, Purpose of venture, Deal synopsis, Description of business and products.

Syndicated loans and Project Finance

Syndicated loans are loans that are made by many lenders to a single borrowers, mainly arising due to the large amount which could not be handled by one lender. They are common in leveraged buyouts.

Thomson Reuters Project Finance content, a subset of the Syndicated Loans database, includes loan transactions that are determined to be limited or non-recourse against the sponsors after completion of the construction phase. Project revenues are secured and predictable through typical long-term Project Finance agreements and the repayment of the debt is solely based on the cash flows generated by the project. In addition to syndicated loans, bilateral loans are also eligible in the database. The global coverage goes back to early 1980s, and captured over 7,300 Project Finance Loan Deals on an hourly basis.

Additional Content

Public Offerings is the process of a sales of equity shares, debt new issues or other financial instruments by a company to the public investors in order to raise funds for business expansion and investment.

Equity transactions coverage includes new issues content of initial public offerings (IPOs), follow-ons, convertible bonds, convertible preferred stock, expected deal pipelines, private placements, withdrawn/postponed offerings and shelf registrations.

Debt New Issues content includes investment grade, high-yield, mortgage and asset backed securities (MBS/ABS), collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), covered bonds, agencies, emerging markets, expected deal pipelines, private placements, preferred stock, withdrawn/postponed deals and shelf registrations. US Municipal data content includes all negotiated, competitively bid and privately placed new issues as well as a forward calendar of new issues coming to market.

Private Placements covers the sale of private equity/securities to a small number of selected investors in order to raise capital. These select investors are usually larger banks, insurance companies, mutual or pension funds.


Coverage is more than 2.5 million transactions across 220 nations with up to 7,500 data items collected.

  • M&A transactions since 1979 (US) and the 1980s (non-US); more than 730,000 transactions covering 223 target company nations.
  • Equity Capital Markets: 150,000+ transactions including IPOs, follow-ons, block trades and convertible bonds. Equity issuance since the 1970s; more than 193,000 transactions covering 166 issuer nations
  • Debt Capital Markets: 650,000+ bond tranches including investment-grade, high yield, emerging market corporate bonds, and ABS/MBS/Agency issues. Debt issuance since the 1960s; more than 646,000 transactions, including over 52,000 private placements, covering 143 issuer nations
  • 85,700 private placements (nearly 100,000 tranches) including over 8,500 PIPEs (Private Investment in Public Equity).
  • Syndicated Loans since the 1980s; over 187,000 transactions covering 198 borrower nations
  • US Municipals since the 1960s; more than 470,000 transactions
  • Joint Ventures are cover over 200 data elements which includes Participant profile, Joint Venture name, Terms and conditions, Current status, Capitalization where disclosed, purpose of venture, deal synopsis, description of business and products.

Thomson Reuters League Tables

League Tables represents a ranking of companies based on a set of criteria such as market activity, deals, revenue or any other relevant metrics. These rankings are organized into a list, which can be used for investment research, competitor analysis or as promotional material for companies on the list.

Thomson Reuters League Tables capture market activity and deal leadership across the M&A, Equity, Debt, Loans and US Municipals markets. Rankings measure aggregated transactional data by value and number of deals, sector and geography, and imputed fees. Financial and legal advisors, underwriters, and trustees in capital markets and M&A transactions use the League Tables to demonstrate their expertise to clients in a specific sector of the deal-making market.

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