Connected Risk


Connected Risk is Refinitiv's best-of-breed governance and compliance software platform, delivering optimal risk management through an enterprise-wide view of risk. Drawing from various sources – third-party or non-standardized – into a single, aggregated view of risk, the Connected Risk Platform prioritizes data using advanced mapping, and then makes the information easier to understand through a system of tags, structures, charts, and a shared taxonomy. All risk data can be viewed both at a specific use case and an enterprise-wide level, on a dashboard tailored to meet your needs.


Connected Risk removes the limitations that often emerge when aligning an off-the-shelf system to existing risk processes or reporting standards. It gives you the information you need to take action on your most pressing risks, letting you see the full picture of your risk profile, and therefore make better decisions with greater ease and efficiency.

Connected Risk gives you the information you need to take action on your most pressing risks. It uniquely enables you to see the full picture of your risk profile. Whatever your role, our connected solutions help you identify, assess, manage, and monitor risk across your enterprise.

The Connected Risk Platform includes a flexible set of online tools enabling you to build the following tailored solutions, covering the full spectrum of risk management:

  • Audit Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Model Risk Management
  • Policy Management
  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory Change Management

You can link any one or all of our connected solutions to the platform. As a result, teams benefit from a high level overview of risks across these areas.


Connected Risk Concepts

Connected Risk uses a repository to store information about your companies exposure to risk and uses a graphical interface to map the connections between this information.

The Connected Risk user interface opens with a dashboard that displays a configurable, personalised, real-time view of key data and actions relevant to you, based on your security settings.

Underlying the dashboard are node maps that depict the operating model for your organisation, showing the organisational structure, business functions and risk models.

The node maps consist of nodes, which represent tables in the repository and node links, which represent the connections between the data in the nodes. Each record within a table/node is known as an instance.

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