The BlockOne™ API family consists of a growing number of capabilities designed to enable blockchain-based applications to interface with Thomson Reuters content and services.


The BlockOne™ API family currently consists of:

  • BlockOne ID™ – A service for mapping Ethereum addresses to digital identities, making it easier for individuals to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.
  • BlockOne IQ™ - An Oracle framework for private distributed ledgers that allows application developers to use signed content from Thomson Reuters within smart contracts, providing ledger counterparties with a high-level of trust that the content is accurate and has not been tampered with.


Usage Scenarios

  • User identification – a DApp developer wants to identify users in order to provide a personalized experience e.g. saving user preferences, permissioning users to have different roles in the application.
  • Third Party Services – a DApp developer needs to identify users in order to determine their access rights and usage of third party services integrated into the application.
  • Programmatic access to reference data for Smart Contracts – issuers of an interest rate smart contract want to automate future calculations by referencing the chosen benchmark rate needed for the calculation of the floating interest rate leg of the agreement
  • Inclusion of current market prices as triggers for smart contract execution – foreign exchange rates can be used within smart contracts that drive supply chain risk management logic