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Easy retrieval of ESG bulk data from the Elektron Data Platform
Created: August 20, 2019
Updated: September 6, 2019
Christiaan M

This article covers a common ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) use case: how to regularly and easily retrieve ESG bulk data (scores and measures) from the Elektron Data Platform (EDP) hosted Client File Store (CFS).

Easy Retrieving Historical Pricing Events Data in JSON using Jackson
Created: August 16, 2019
Updated: November 19, 2019
Pimchaya Wongrukun

I will demonstrate how easy to use Jackson for retrieving historical pricing events data in JSON response which is received from Elektron Data Platform (EDP). 

Easy Obtaining Token from EDP Gateway in Java
Created: July 10, 2019
Updated: August 6, 2019
Pimchaya Wongrukun

This article will help you to get an access token easily in Java using EDPToken. The token is required to access any data from EDP and as a part of the login request before an application can consume real-time data from ERT in Cloud.

Using Elektron Data Platform Alerts with C#
Created: May 30, 2019
Updated: June 7, 2019
Jirapongse Phuriphanvichai

This article demonstrates how to use C# to consume news headlines from EDP Alerts API. The EDP Alerts API allows users to setup subscriptions for different types of content, such as news, and research.

How to Setup Refinitiv's Amazon EC2 Machine Image for Elektron Real Time in Cloud
Created: May 2, 2019
Updated: September 20, 2019
Wasin Waeosri

This article will guide you launch an Amazon AWS EC2 Instance to run the ERT in Cloud WebSocket Python example from the instance.

How to implement Elektron In Cloud Node.js application with TypeScript part 1: Authentication and Service Discovery with EDP REST Services
Created: January 18, 2019
Updated: April 25, 2019
Wasin Waeosri

This article shows how to implement ERT in Cloud Node.js application with TypeScript language. This is a first part which is focusing on obtain EDP Authentication and Service Discovery information.