App Studio - Web SDK

API Family: App Studio

API Description

Eikon’s App Studio allows for creation of apps in web technologies such as HTML5 and Javascript. Web apps can utilize the Eikon Javascript libraries and UI controls, as well as many third party libraries and frameworks that application providers are already familiar with. This approach is especially suitable if the partner already has a fully functional production strength solution and is looking for a quick integration with the Eikon platform.

Web applications are hosted on the partners’ servers and delivered to the end user in a Chromium browser. Since applications are hosted on the partners’ server, the partner is free to utilize many of the technologies, frameworks, and libraries they are already familiar with. Access to web applications is restricted to permissioned Eikon end users and fully controlled by the partner. Data is delivered to the applications client-side via the App Studio Javascript libraries and based upon the existing exchange permissions of the end user.