App Studio


Thomson Reuters Eikon’s App Studio enables developers to build financial applications integrated with and distributed through the Thomson Reuters Eikon desktop. App Studio consists of UI libraries, data APIs, and integration APIs to build your application.


App Studio: SDK

App Studio developers are set up with Eikon desktops configured specifically for development purposes. Within these desktops, developers can access developer tools, downloads, and API documentation. The tools provided make it easy for developers to create applications that look and feel like native Eikon applications, complete with Thomson Reuters data and workspace integration capabilities. Additionally, developers receive access to the Thomson Reuters Professional Developers Portal, where they will find a vibrant community of Thomson Reuters developers alongside documentation, tutorials, and sample applications for different families of Thomson Reuters products and APIs.

Developers interested in integrating an application in Eikon should contact the Thomson Reuters Platform Advocacy team to discuss the process.

App Studio: 3rd Party Apps Library

Post-development, applications are made available in Eikon’s 3rd Party Apps library. App Studio partners manage their applications through a suite of administrative tools that allow partners to determine the visibility of their application, control the information and images on their public description page (if applicable), and exert control over who has access to their applications. The administrative tools include a panel with details about an application’s user base, as well as ongoing user base notifications and a monthly snapshot report that may be used for record-keeping and billing purposes.

Depending on the use of these administrative tools, your application can either be for internal distribution only within your account or available for sale to the universe of Eikon users.

App Studio SDK

Thomson Reuters Eikon’s App Studio Web SDK provides everything you need to build a Web application for our platform. You can build web apps with the Eikon styling using our professionally tested and designed UI elements as well as include data and deep workspace integration via our Javascript APIs.

For extremely rare cases where web development is not the right solution, we do have a legacy .NET SDK. This solution is NOT recommended due to lack of planned support but can be made available for very special use cases.

Look out for our Side by Side SDK solution, which will allow more robust applications to developed standalone from Eikon and run side-by-side with the same great data and workspace integration. 

Feature Comparison

UI controls Y Y
Integration with Eikon platform Y Y
Real-time market data retrieval Y Y
Timeseries (historical prices) retrieval Y Y
Fundamental and reference data retrieval Y N
News Headlines retrieval Y N